Monday, January 25, 2010

sudah berada di kl

banyak sangat perkara-perkara yang perlu dikemaskini sebenarnya
tetapi malas

hampir 3 minggu internet tak ada dekat rumah perth
peperiksaan akhir
terlalu banyak sangat aktiviti-aktiviti

minggu-minggu terakhir sebelum peperiksaan boleh dikatakan hari-hari aku keluar rumah
tak pun ada sahaja benda yang nak dilakukan
kesudahannya belajar kemana aku kemana
walau apa-apa pun aku tak menyesal
mungkin itu peluang aku bergembira bersama teman-teman di perth sebelum aku pulang ke kuala lumpur

jumaat lepas aku bersama teman-teman rumah & rakan-rakan lelaki menganjurkan parti kejutan harijadi (surprise birthday party) di karaoke hits studio
alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar seperti apa yang dirancangkan
salwa menangis kerana terharu
malam itu juga merupakan malam terakhir salwa sebelum bergelar isteri kepada hisham
perancangan untuk berkahwin mengambil masa beberapa bulan sahaja
terkejut aku saat salwa memberitahu aku bahawa hisham melamarnya semasa kami berada didalam kereta sewaktu menuju ke kelas salsa
tahniah korang!
aku berharap supaya perkahwinan kamu kekal sehingga ke akhir hayat

untuk melihat gambar
sila ke blog dilla

esok aku ke bali sehingga 31 januari 2010

ps, doakan aku selamat pergi & pulang

Thursday, January 21, 2010

hilang masa

bermonolog aku sendirian
ketakutan menghadapi hari esok

8 jam aku di perpustakaan
sudah cukup untuk mengeluarkan bunyi-bunyian
tersumbat hidung gara-gara penghawa dingin

duduk seorang tiada peneman makin meresahkan jiwa
semester akhir benar-benar menguji aku
subjek yang ku fikir senang
memberi kesan dalam kehidupan
salahkan aku kerana banyak bermain-main
memberi peluang pada nafsu untuk membuang waktu

sekarang segala-galanya aku serahkan pada takdir
maafkan aku jika tertewas


hari ini hari jadi cham yang ke 31 tahun
abang tersayang yang paling 'cool' yang paling sengal
dia jela satu-satu abang yang aku ada
tanpa cham kurang bangang la hidup ini!

ps, berusaha!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

harap maklum

tiada internet dirumah
tiada entri terkini


jumaat hari terakhir peperiksaan
berdoa supaya semua berjalan lancar seperti apa yang telah dirancangkan

ps, penat duduk dekat elab
penat merempat rumah orang

Saturday, January 16, 2010

pretty woman

There are too many memorable lines to be chosen from the movie Pretty Woman. However, for a three-minute sequence, I chose footage spanning 00:59:00 to 01:02:00. It is the middle part of the movie. The snippet covers the moment where Edward (lead support character) accompanies Vivian (the main character) into an expensive store in Beverley Hills to buy clothes. This comes a day after Vivian was snubbed by a saleswoman in a similar store. That moment is very interesting because Edward has told and warned the manager that they are planning to spend a great sum of money in the store and that he wants an assistant to help Vivian choose nice clothes as well as treat her very well. This moment also shows how rich people often go shopping without thinking of the amount that they are going to spend. The story of course is very predictable and simple but it creates a very wonderful and memorable scene that no other movie has been able to replace until now. The main actor and actress who played a role in this movie were Richard Gere (as Edward Lewis) and Julia Roberts (as Vivian Ward). Pretty Woman is directed by Garry Marshall with J.F. Lawton as script writer.

The genre of this film would absolutely have to be a romantic comedy. This is so easy to identify because it is a story about a rich, elegant guy who falls in love with a hooker. From that plot we can automatically know that this is a romantic story. The scene setup and how the characters work through the dialog also rate this movie as a comedy film. One example is Edward’s dialog in this three-minute sequence where he says, “I don’t believe you did that!” That scene is funny because Edward (as an elegant guy) has never seen someone that he dates spit bubble gum out in front of public, especially in a very rich area. Vivian’s role in the movie also contributes to the comedy because of how she speaks and her laid back attitude, which won Edward’s heart.

Audiences need help in following the journey of a movie, and there exist a few elements to help them understand better. The mise-en-scene, editing, cinematography and sound in this three-minute piece all contribute to this narrative in that they are related to all aspects in the film by looking from film framing view. Though small, they all played a big role in the making of the movie. Every single detail must be given attention in order to create the perfect movie. For example, the music background (film score) was used to help the audience feel the mood. If the actor is in happy mood, blissful music will be played so that it is suitable for the scene. Apart from music, cinematography also played a role. It helped make the audience feel far or close by mixing different camera angles and perspectives. It also added to the film’s suspense. In film, editing is very important; without it, movies would become long-winded and make the audience feel bored. In editing, a director can slash unfit scenes in order to streamline the plot so that the film would be perfect.

Mise-en-scene includes setting, lighting, costumes, make-up, the characters actions and also the props used throughout the movie. “In the original French, mise-en-scene (pronounced meez-ahn-sen) means putting into the scene” (Bordwell and Thompson, 2008, p. 112). Mise-en-scene can be entirely controlled by the director. The setting of a movie helps provide space for the narrative to flow. This film was set during the early 1990s. Lightning helps guide our attention to certain objects or actions that the director wants the audiences to note. In the three-minute scene of this movie, lightning was used to the modest, that is, not too bright and not too dull. It was recorded during the day. The lighting was also used symbolize the happiness and excitement of Vivian and Edward as they went shopping with up-beat music playing in the background. Costumes help portray different characteristics and personalities of the characters. It provided a contrast of characters personalities in the movie. For example, the clothing worn by Vivian is very different compared to that worn by those around Edward. From their costumes, viewers can distinguish between the status of Vivian and Edward. In this three minutes sequence, Edward wears a shirt, formal pants, a coat and tie in accordance with corporate status as men who have their own companies. Vivian on the other hand wears a short skirt and one of Edward’s shirts as a cover to show that she is as a prostitute. In the store, Edward tells the manager to change Vivian’s clothes so they match to Edward’s standards. Vivian tries as many clothes as are appropriate to the various functions that she will be accompanying Edward to later. A character’s actions help audiences understand what they are feeling. When Edward brought Vivian shopping, it can show that they are very happy and memorable. Audience members may also feel the same way as they place themselves in the character’s position.

Cinematography is yet another important element in the process of making a movie. It can be divided into framing and camera angles. Framing and camera angles can define an image in many ways. “Frame size and shape can guide the spectator’s attention,” (Bordwell and Thompson, 2008, p. 187) or even through distance, height and angle by filming at a low angle all the way up to high angle. Filming at a high angle can represent inferiority and a low angle representing superiority. In the beginning of this clip, the director uses close-ups to make the actors appear near to audience. A close angle also assisted the audience in paying keen attention to the discussion between Edward and the store manager. It emphasized Edward’s seriousness about spending lots of money. On the other hand, in about the second minute, the director uses a far angle to portray Vivian’s actions. Long angle filming is also used when a store employee is helping Vivian by showing her different clothes. Meanwhile, the camera also focuses over Edward by using close-up techniques. Close ups techniques were also used to show Vivian’s behavior whilst trying on dresses so that audience can see her ‘sexy’ body. In the end of the three minutes, long shot to short shot techniques are used interchangeably to show Vivian walking in the public area and in front of a shop after her makeover.

Sound is very important to a movie’s overall theme and there are various types of sound in the world of film today; examples include diegetic and non diegetic sound. Diegetic sound comes from within the story. “For purposes of analyzing narrative form, we describe events taking place in the story world as diegetic. For this reason, diegetic sound is sound that has source in the story world” (Bordwell and Thompson, 2008, p. 278). Diegetic sound could be the breaking of a cup when the character drops it on the floor. Non diegetic sounds are also present in movies. “Alternatively, there is non diegetic sound, which is represented as coming from a source outside the story world” (Bordwell and Thompson, 2008, p. 279). A good example would be a car horn in the background. In this short clip sequence of the chosen movie, diegetic and non diegetic sounds are both present and overlapping each other. The character’s voices can be considered to be diegetic whilst the buzz of people walking up and down the street is non diegetic.

As previously mentioned, editing skills are a critical element to a movie’s success. “Editing may be thought of as the coordination of one shot with the next” (Bordwell and Thompson, 2008, p. 226). There are many types of editing in cinemas today, with rhythmic editing being very common as well. “A steady beat can be established by making all the shots approximately the same length” (Bordwell and Thompson, 2008, p. 226). Editing was largely used in this excerpt. This is because was in order to save time and make it easier for audiences to understand the scene. For example, editing was done every time Vivian tried on a different dress. This was to accelerate the dress changing process so the audience does not feel bored and at the same time making the scene more interesting because Vivian can try on many more dresses. Some editing was also included in the shop scene where Edward contacts his lawyer in the office so that the audience knows at same time Edward also was doing work although he is outside the office.

All of the elements above are major elements in movie making. Every director pays close attention to making sure that each element is precise and just the way it should be. Each of these elements can be handled by the director himself or by a team of specialists. To create the perfect movie, each element must be given full attention and time. That is why all great movies are created over a lengthy periods.


Bordwell, D. & Thompson, K. (2008). Film Art: An Introduction (Eight Edition) New York: McGraw-Hill.

Pretty Woman (Full Movie).

i have decided to share one of my film essays as i believe it is very hard to write especially if you are not a film students
my essay will not give you the best but i hope it still help you in future

ps, wish me luck for final exam people~

Monday, January 11, 2010

parti kolam

sabtu lepas
hari berkumpul sebahagian daripada pelajar-pelajar yang masih tinggal di perth
bukan taknak balik malaysia
tetapi kerana masih ada tanggungjawab lagi disini

terima kasih kepada dilla, quros & muhaimin yang semangat membeli, membasuh & memerap ayam untuk dibuat bbq
kalau harapkan aku memang tak jadi kerjalah
pukul 5 petang baru bangun tidur

terima kasih kepada q, adam, jono & pp kerana menjadi tuan rumah
kaya-raya rupanya mereka ni
sudahlah rumah sewa banglo
siap ada kolam renang lagi tu

selepas bermandi-manda
boleh pula sambung bermain twister
waktu itu memang sangat kelakar ye
macam-macam aksi ada

untuk melihat gambar-gambar lain
sila tekan sini

ps, walaupun punya mereka di perth
kl tetap no 1 untuk bersosial!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

jadual saya

oleh kerana cuti aku akan tiba dalam masa 2 minggu lagi
jadi elok benarlah kalau aku menjadualkannya
sekurang-kurangnya kamu tahu kemana aku pergi
dan apa aktiviti yang akan aku lakukan sepanjang cuti nanti

24 jan:
pulang ke kuala lumpur-
ijan jemput dekat lcct pada pukul 12.30 p.m

25 jan:
pergi mid valley-
tukar duit

26 - 31 jan:
di bali

1 - 5 feb:
tiada aktiviti

6 & 7 feb:
hari keluarga osman-
dekat warisan rimba kampung kemensah

8 - 12 feb:
tiada aktiviti

13 feb:
ke sunway lagoon-
dengan fadil, ijan, chong & the geng!

14 feb:
kenduri salwa-
dekat sungai besar kuala selangor

15 - 19 feb:
tiada aktiviti

20 & 21 feb:
bbq/mandi sungai dengan besties-
tempat belum ditentukan lagi

22 - 26 feb:
tiada aktiviti

27 feb:
ke giant atau carrefour-
beli barang-barang keperluan untuk dibawa balik ke perth

28 feb:
pulang ke perth-


orang-orang yang berjanji nak belanja aku makan:

farra - balik msia dulu baru setting! haha~
ijan - meatball
riena - char kuey teow
ckin - banzai chicken
shazwan - satay

walau bagaimanapun aku hanya mampu merancang
tetapi Allah s.w.t yang menentukannya

ps, balik kl nak shopping sakan!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

saya bukan bahan anda

blog saya adalah tempat untuk orang-orang matang & berfikiran terbuka sahaja!
jika anda merasakan diri anda kolot, sempit, kampung, hina, miskin atau sebagainya
sila berambus dari blog saya secepat mungkin

saya sama sekali tidak memerlukan 'kanak-kanak comel' untuk membaca setiap tulisan saya

ps, tak perlu susah-susahkan diri mengambil tahu hal orang lain

Monday, January 4, 2010

hari lahir

tak sangka orang yang paling dipercayai
boleh berubah menjadi orang yang paling ditakuti

cara lelaki berfikir tak sama


hari ini hari lahir riena azneira
yang ke 23 tahun

tiada apa yang nak diucapkan
cuma hanya satu doa aku untuk kamu

insyaAllah apa yang dicari pasti satu hari akan kamu temui
dunia ini terlalu luas
ia berada dimana-mana

walau jauh mana pun kita berada
aku percaya persahabatan kita tetap akan utuh

tiada sesiapa yang boleh menggantikan kamu semua

ps, sayang korang sangat sangat sangat!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

biarkan aku sendiri

hanya kerana dengan satu cerita/satu berita/satu perkara
ia bakal mampu mengubah keseluruhan emosi

dari kamu sedang asyik seronok bergembira
kamu mungkin akan mengalami satu tragedi trauma diri
dan mulai saat itu jugalah kehidupan kamu akan diingati

bermulalah saat dimana kamu akan lebih bersikap berhati-hati dalam mencorakkan warna-warni kehidupan
kamu juga akan memahami setiap apa yang wujud itu sebenarnya terlalu banyak perbezaan

secara zahirnya kamu akui bahawa dunia itu tidak pernah adil
atau ada ketikanya kamu berpura-pura tidak mahu menerima hakikat
sering kali kamu membiarkan ia berlaku
seolah-olah bagi kamu apa yang sudah tertulis tetap akan terjadi

kamu tidak peduli lagi berapa saat, minit, jam, hari, minggu, bulan bahkan tahun yang akan berlalu
kerana apa yang penting melenyapkan ia dari fikiran itu yang lebih membahagiakan kamu
melupakan sesuatu perkara yang terjadi bukanlah semudah yang dikatakan
ia mengambil masa yang lama terlalu lama sehingga kamu sendiri tidak pasti bila ia akan pergi
memaksa diri untuk melupakannya mungkin tidak memberi apa-apa makna

bukankah hidup itu sememangnya satu proses yang menyeksakan?
yang perlu kamu lalui untuk melengkapkan hidup kamu dari sang pencipta
mengapa perlu kamu mengasihani hidup kamu sendiri
kerana aku yakin kamu tahu hidup itu sememangnya satu permainan percaturan nasib!

pada ketika saat hati dirundung malang
keluarga, teman atau tuhan yang akan dicari
saat itu kamu akan mengerti siapa yang benar-benar berada disisi
mengadu nasib seolah-olah kamu seorang yang paling disakiti
dan meminta perasaan untuk dilindungi


cara kami membesar berbeza
cara kami berkawan berbeza
cara kami bergaul berbeza

disana aku mungkin seorang puteri
yang boleh bermanja atau memerintah sesuka hati
yang boleh mengarah itu dan ini
yang boleh memaksa tanpa ada rasa kasihani
yang boleh mengawal setiap pergerakkan atau situasi
yang boleh mempamerkan setiap apa yang terjadi


disini aku hanya insan biasa yang perlu mengikuti

ps, kita memang tak sama

Saturday, January 2, 2010

malam pesta

meng'sosial'kan diri memang antara hobi aku sejak dari dahulu
lebih-lebih lagi apabila tiba malam waktu perayaan
ye aku tahu ia bukan sesuatu aktiviti yang baik
tetapi aku percaya masa akan merubah keadaan
sama-samalah kita berdoa

aku, dilla, fad & serene bersama-sama rakan lain telah sepakat untuk menyambut malam tahun baru di the deen
meronggenglah kami masing-masing disana
hanya tuhan yang tahu betapa sakitnya kaki aku pada malam itu
joget punya hal i layankan jugak u ollss

satu hal tak best kat sini kebanyakkan club tutup awal
pukul 2 pagi sudah selamat pulang
kaedahnya ke pot black la kami sebab budak-budak lelaki nak layan pool
aku memang sentiasa jadi penonton setia sejak berkurun lamanya
bersepah kawan-kawan ajar main
tapi tak juga reti-reti
jadi aku telah pun membuat kesimpulan sendiri
yang aku sememangnya bukan ratu pool

sebelum pulang kami singgah di mcd dulu
mengalas perut sebelum tidur

untuk melihat gambar-gambar lain yang tiada di'facebook
sila ke
sebagai kenang-kenangan

ps, clubbing pun kira senaman jugakan jojo?!

Friday, January 1, 2010

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new day
new blog

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